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Find partners to operate CSGO/Dota2 case opening&betting site
海盗海官方 2019-08-06

Cooperation method:

HaiDaoHai provides a full set of website for customers including Steam robot, and provides long-term maintenance, and sharing net profit from website operations monthly.

Cooperation precondition:

  1. The website should not be promoted to mainland China. Our staff will carry out some technical processing, so that mainland China (not including Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau) cannot access it.
  2. Before the cooperation starts, an agreement must be agreed upon. There should be a prepayment for HaiDaoHai which is used for subsequent deduction from the profit sharing. The prepayment is determined according to the demand.
  3. The other party need to prepare legal website operation qualification.

The website we can build:

  1. Open case websites such as
  2. Betting websites such as

The service provided by us:

  1. We build websites based on the needs identified with our customers, and provide long-term maintenance and update.
  2. We provide promotion consultation and advice to help customers better promote overseas markets.
  3. We provide Steam account anti-sealing program to help customers reduce the risk of getting banned.


The service provided by the other party:

In addition to the services provided by HaiDaoHai, everything that is needed to operate the website, such as:

Server, domain name, application for payment interface, operation, preparation of Steam account, etc.


Benefit sharing mode:

profit gradient division mode, can be negotiable.

The benefit sharing mode we suggest:

the net profit part between 0 to 7,200USD Our sharing proportion:20%

the net profit part between 7,200-14,500USD Our sharing proportion:30%

the net profit part between 14,500-29,000USD Our sharing proportion:40%

the net profit part between the part exceeds 29,000USD, Our sharing proportion: 50%

For example, the net profit of the website is 30,000USD per month, then our sharing profit is 7,200x20%+7,300x30%+14,500x40%+1000x50%=9930USD

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