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Features of cross-region Steam gift bot (CDkey version)
HaiDaoHai 2019-05-30

How it works

Help game purchase merchants 24-hour automatically deliver cross-region Steam gifts.

Sellers configure proxy and wallet accounts (accounts used to buy game for customers) in the background, encode games on the store page, then generate corresponding CDKEY for customers.

Customers can fill in the CDkey and Steam account & password on the pickup page, the robot automatically logs in to customer's Steam account, change the area information and receives Steam gift.

​Commodity code

In the robot background users can create a code for the game to let the robot recognize which Steam game the customer needs.

CDKey management

Support for generating and exporting CDKeys for encoded games. After customer places an order, the seller provides CDkey for customer to pick up the game.

Proxy configuration

Support for adding cross-regional proxy. Robot can purchase game gifts in areas where they have the proxy.

Wallet accounts management

Support for adding and managing 15 Steam wallet accounts in the robot background for take turns using accounts to deliver Steam gifts.

Can view wallet information in management page, includes balance and area.

VAC function

Support for specifying a game that is not sent buy this wallet account. Robot would automatically select other wallet to finalize the order.

View activation history

In the [ActiveRecord] , users can check each of the order, view activation history and other information.

Price protection

Prevent the situation that customers pick up the game after the discount is over.

Administrator account

Support 3 accounts to operate the background at the same time.

Pickup page

language selection

Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English operation system. Besides, we can offer localization services as well.



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