Features of Steam recharge bot
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Features of Steam recharge bot
海盗海官方 2019-08-09


This robot is a safe and convenient software for recharge card buyer and seller to make a deal. It allows users make the deal even the time can't be matched. The sellers don't need to log in to buyers' Steam account as well, which effectively reduce the possibility of information leakage. Users can see recharge record in the background and easy to see the transaction details.


How it works:

  • Buyer create a invatation code for the seller
  • Buyer provides information of accounts that waiting for recharging and set the recharge amount.
  • Seller log in to the recharge page and input the invatation code, then robot would show the account need to be recharged and the balance. Seller choose the account and fill in the blank with recharge code, then upload the card picture.
  • The transaction is completed and the record can be saw in the background.


The functions for card sellers:

  • Log in to the robot and use invatation code.
  • Self-distributed recharge amount and upload the card picture
  • See the recharge record and account information in the background


The functions for card buyers:

  • Invitation code management

Generate invitation code and set the Steam account and recharge amount for each code.

  • Wallet account management 
  • Administrator account management
  • See the recharge record and account information in the background



  • Different price service can support different number of online account simultaneously.
  • The robot is only for rented and the server is provided by us.
  • Sellers can only see the username but can't see the passwork of the accounts waiting for recharging after they log in to the background.
  • Support individual sellers to recharge at the same time on multiple computers
  • After the card sellers log in, they can see the Steam account and balance assigned to their own name, and then the sellers decide which account to recharge.
  • The invitation code can be recorded to the local cookie or automatically fill in at the front desk through a specified link.
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