Features of Origin Game Purchasing Robot
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Features of Origin Game Purchasing Robot
海盗海官方 2019-08-22

The principle of Origin game puchasing robot is simply to use a software, usually called robot. The seller generates activation codes for the game on Origin in the robot management background. When the customers want to purchase the game, they can enter the account's username&password and cdkey received from the seller in the pickup page. After the robot obtains the information, it can use customer's account username&password and logs in to customer's account, and then uses seller's wallet to purchase the game for customer. Which is convenient and efficient.


Work flow


  • The robot automatically logs in to customer's EA account, find the game and place an order to purchase.


  • The robot logs in to seller's Mycard account and pays for the customer's game.


  • Customers activate the game by using CDKeys


  • Support login through multiple Proxy Servers


  • Game purchasing order management and audit




  • Mycard account management


  • Code the game product


  • CDKey management


  • Promotion code


  • Manual delivery


  • View activation history


  • Email verification


  • Error prompt


  • Proxy configuration


  • Pickup page

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